baby bessie’s layette

this will be a tally of the physical cost behind this project:

cost of HUD property with 10 acres             45,010.00

1,000.00 rebate from HUD, we’re not sure why, but we got this…kind of a cool little bonus!

Where:   What:   Spent:
Tulsa Liquidation



foam underlayment



3 loads to dump     90
westlake hardware board, ins. Screws 37.59
lowe’s   lights- 6 pack 43.28
westlake hardware misc. Lane 19
home depot misc. Lane 53.63
wal-mart   misc. paint supplies 65.58
wal-mart   mobile clean up 74.08
lowe’s   kietchen sink, isl lt. fauc 300.46
lowe’s   pendants kitchen 41.93
wal-mart    kilz   55
lowe’s   roller, popcorn 29.2
lowe’s   fuse, mailbox 38.89
wal-mart   kilz   60.09
westlake hardware popcorn   40.48
westlake hardware electrical   39.67
wal-mart   caulk, paint,spackle 30.07
atwoods   asst. plumbing, fire ext 58.82
westlake hardware wood,  bulbs, misc 26.75
sherwin williams paint   177.06
ditto   ditto   80.57
wal-mart   paint, kilz   150.97
wal-mart   paint supplies 29.78
sherwin williams paint   100.32
electric coop     5
ccrwd #1       30
hahn appliance dishwasher 358.05
atwoods   hydrant   44.65
sherwin williams paint   26.27
lowe’s   bagger   81.39
wal-mart   paint supplies, food 63.16
wal-mart   bugkiller, charger 37.88
home depot kitchen knobs 106.12
wal-mart   caulk, misc 33.16
lowe’s   dryer vents 18.6
westlake hardware     1.73
westlake hardware valve   23.7
sutherlands pedestal sink 64.46
sherwin williams paint   131.21
lowes   tub and stuff 604.8
wal-mart   misc. electrical 13.32
westlake hardware     37.82
hahn appliance range, hood, disposal 731.35
westlake hardware     27.89
lowes   quickcrete 7.16
lowes   tile, mailbox post, grout 179.29
    plumbing, adhesive, #’s
    for mailbox  
lowesAce Air   ceiling fanwork on HVAC   54.26115.00
 Total as of November 2nd       5841

4 thoughts on “baby bessie’s layette”

  1. Mr. Undaunted said:

    Summarizing the Costs to date into categories:

    Bathroom $ 900
    Demo 164
    Driveway (gravel) 0
    Fence/Decks 0
    Flooring 1,518
    HVAC 0
    Kitchen 1,496
    Lighting/Electrical 139
    Misc 436
    Paint 1,073
    Sheds (repair) 0

    TOTAL $5,726

  2. Such a comprehensive accounting reminds me of how J.E. does things. You guys are really good stewards! Outstanding work here.

  3. Hi Sarah, this is Carla from LetteredWithLove. It’s been a while, so much going on here. Glad to have found you again. Looks like things are going your way. Everything is lovely. I like that you painted your kitchen/dining. I am in the process. Trying to finish the remodel of my bathroom. Remember your home was made like mine, only different colors. So much has happened at our home since I last talked to you, and I haven’t had time to blog, but hopefully one day soon, I’ll get back. Once again, it is all looking good and glad God is blessing your family and dream!

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