The month of January I have been steering clear of Facebook, other than liking articles or the like that I want to “share.”  I have been reading in Samuel, Acts and the devotional, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  The reading has been rich.

A resounding theme I have been hearing is to be faithful in the small things.

Be faithful doing my daily readings, dishes, laundry, math with Rinnah :D, grading schoolwork, recording daily schoolwork, feeding our animals, maintaining relationships and praying as prompted.

My husband came home one day contemplating building the horse/ goat shed and back deck.  Focus.  Vision.  It was just what we needed and lined up with the direction I have been receiving about caring for what has been placed in our hands.

So he drew up some great plans for the shed and we shopped around for prices for the materials and found a nice roofing material that will look awesome and work great.

Lane & Rinnah digging the post holes.

Jake has been taking Grace to square dance class each weekend and so they both got out of working 😀  That’s okay.  Rinnah was a huge help!

Materials for Bucket, Eli and Ellie’s shelter.

One of my favorite songs is by Alli Rogers, it is called Day of Small Things: I cannot find it anywhere online where I could share it with you : (

Hot cup of joe!

Lyrics from the album The Day of Small Things
By Alli Rogers
I am afraid of beginning
cause I don’t know how to end
But you told me that the mountain before us
would become a plain in our eyes
So I won’t despise
I won’t despise the day
I won’t despise the day of small things
Even when you tell me…
oh even then I’m shaking
Cause I am afraid of believing
The plans that we make seem so big
But you’ve shown me that we’re never alone
and your spirit will stay by our side
So I won’t despise
I won’t despise the day
I won’t despise the day of small things

I LOVE this song!

Here’s a picture of the horse/goat fence, it was our last project.

We screwed on the top long boards as well, but I don’t have a photo of that yet.  The four corner posts are screwed onto metal brackets that we poured the concrete under and around.

The small pool of water below Rosie was her drool.  She absolutely goes bonkers for our chickens, and not in a good way!

We filled this with feed two days ago.  It is already empty, the cardinals and small birds have picked it  clean.  Winter in Oklahoma.

Rinnah in Oklahoma!  Our awesome helper!