We are heading out this noon to get materials to build the pony/goat shed.  I love a building project.


My Poppy gave us some Christmas money!  Thanks Poppy!  It will help pay for about 2/3 of the cost.

But first…Lane chainsawed off around the tree we are building under.  I dug up some creosote laden RR ties that had been long buried along a rough line that must have once been a fence…the horse and goats had “unearthed” it by eating the grass that had been hiding it and treading on it.  With the help of our girls and a few friends that have been staying the last couple of days, we got everything hauled to the burn pile. 😀

Now Lane and the boy are getting some of the materials and the girls and I just had a homemade Grace chocolate shake.  Sounds fair ;D

Pictures to follow as we work on the project!