When I recovered my dining room chairs, that led to a whole slew of work for me.  I ended up repainting the kitchen dining/fireplace room.  All I can say is, I love it!

We finally sat down and drew up plans for the horse/goats shed and also for a new, small back deck.

Phase 1 will be purchasing the materials for the horse barn.  Next Saturday we will go start buying the lumber and get started!  YaY!  (I think the animals will appreciate the wind break as well!)

Phase 2 will be purchasing and building the small back deck.  (We can’t use the back door right now because there are no steps 😀 ) My mil surprised me with this awesome compass for Christmas!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few updates around Bessie.  All 10 chickens are growing and doing well.  And they appear to be hens 😀 Grace bought some cool magnifying lens that screw onto the lens of her camera, I love playing with it! 😀  (These are small pieces from a Monopoly~ Texas version)