In the last post the party pictures were so blue/green that I think it led my oldest daughter in a fit of exasperation to teach me about ISO, WB and Shutter Speed on my camera.  How to change them and why I would want to…can I just say it has opened up a whole new world 😀

Here’s a great tutorial!

Now, instead of my photos being to bright or off the actual color, they are coming out sharper and with more clarity…I think I hear the Hallelujah chorus singing:

too dark

not accurate

getting closer

Picnic anyone?

It started raining while I was out with the chicks…I cleaned the shed yesterday to make room for our little babies:

I went through absolutely every box, had Jacob take a small truckload of stuff to Goodwill, labelled everything and put it back.

Taking Care of Chicks 101:

1.  Keep warm.

The trick with baby chicks is that you have to put a heat lamp on them and keep them at 95 degrees:

2.  Supply plenty of clean water & food.

3.  Keep bedding clean and dry.  A clean chick is a happy chick.

See?  Happy chicks.

*Disclosure:  I had to bring them inside tonight or they would have been chicksicles in the morning 😀