(aka what we did this summer in the way of house projects at Bessie)

In the beginning, there was this:  Dum-Dum-Dah!


Then there was this:

(Just painted)

The pip, that’s what this closet used to give me:

Imagine an empty unpainted, unshelved & unusable, I might add, space.


Top shelves, house paint, blue basket is full of horse supplies

The next shelf  is chemical and laundry supplies, then basket of flashlights, ice cream maker, etc.

with shampooer and dog stuff in the bottom

Hanger for hangie stuff!

See, in my world, things have to have their own “home.”  Or I just ain’t happy.  Now all these things that were randomly piled in the closet have their space.


Here’s the rest of the room:


My mom replaced her fridge, so I took the old one as an extra, something I had been hoping to have.

Lane’s manly cooking tools:

and our girly muck boots 😀

Sock basket for all those wayward creatures sits on top of 2nd fridge:

Just don’t make the mistake of opening the door:

We tore down this old deck, it was becoming a hazard.

(A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…)