Summer 2011 heralds…

  • two imported kittens all the way from Shreveport, La

  • two wee goats nibbling away (bwahaha, my plan is working)

  • glorious hand-sized sunflowers

  • basil, one of the most beautiful garnishes you can place on a wedding feast table

  • a messy  an organic garden

  • reminders in the garden of Him

  • marigolds in a profusion of blooms, come on, you know you wanna say it, profusion of blooms…there, don’t you feel better

  • an inexpensive garden hose holder, idea stolen from the Moe

Here’s another photo that is a little closer, post is set in concrete and then two metal hose holders are screwed into two opposite faces: (sorry it’s a little blurry)

  • 2nd kitten that wants to join a herd ( Oh, and before you get all jealous and covety about the Scout, it isn’t ours, we borrowed it from some friends just to have a clunker in the yard ;D )

  • Bucket says, “RU kidding me? I’ve pooped bigger pies than you!  You can join my herd when you get a little bigger.”

  • 2 weeping willows that are doing great from last years plantings

  • Rosie’s mama instincts continue to surface as she licks, cleans and corrals, all animals on our property

  • Cool plant pot stacker I bought on this trip and finally assembled two weeks ago (just keeping it real)

  • Milly, who isn’t new, but who might be pregnant…the jury is out 😀

  • my photographer daughter’s bright pink temporary, one can hope, highlights

  • bells that enable us to locate goats eating my porch blossoms errant goats faster