it’s been raining.

We had been under a burn ban quite a while.  The rain is much needed relief to dampen the grass fires and house fires we had been experiencing.  When you live in rural areas it becomes a lot more important; there are no hydrants on the corners and it will be a voluntary fire department and neighbors that show up to beat back your flames.

So now, my yard is beginning to look like a jungle…seriously.  The goat is eating back his small part…but….

The fence progress has come to a hault and we were able to take a much needed break and help my daughter and son-in-law move this weekend 😀  They have moved to an adorable two bedroom apartment in town with large sunken tubs, pretty carpet and clean walkways.  I really like it.

But I wouldn’t trade my muddy mess….we enjoy it so much out here.

When will we get the fence done…I hope this month…I have a dear friend who has a horse for us, but we can’t bring him home until we get it finished.