Found this awesome article about mulching your garden…

Lane tilled a 50 by 50 foot plot in an hour!  With his new birthday present!

(with gifts from family and with a little help from our tax return 😀 )

I have a roll of newspaper print, these are the castoff rolls.  Most newspapers either sell these or give them away for free.  So no ink is on it!

  • tilled soil
  • rake out grass (in process)
  • till deeper
  • layer with paper, fertilizer and hay
  • get ready to grow

Our seedling in our greenhouse are doing well and I am getting ready to start some more soon!

This weekend we are heading to my mom’s to dismantle their pool deck they are giving us and delivering some wood they would like in exchange.  J.E. loves to build bridges and paths on their property, it is parklike and beautiful.