was full. (In a good way!)

I went to my friend Julie’s house,(of  Honey Milk Farms), on Friday to pick up her son to come play some airsoft with my son and two other boys.  She showed me into her goat stall, her goats have had lotsa babies over the last few weeks and I asked for a peek.

One little guy’s mother couldn’t nurse him.  He has to be bottlefed.  Three times a day, milk is warmed to room temperature, poured into a small pop bottle and a rubber nipple plugs onto the top.  She was thinking of selling him.  As I was weighing out the level of my insanity in the notion that was slowly overpowering me…I glanced down at him again…it was a fatal decision…

I fell for his dark soulful eyes, his small plaintive tone, his diminutive stature…..swoon…

Isn’t he the cutest little thing?  Could I have him?  Yes, she said, with pleasure.

Two houses ago we lived on a little over two acres…we had goats then, a couple of calves we had bottlefed, a few chickens & even a couple of ponies…but Rinnah had missed out on all the critters…they hadn’t belonged to her.

(squeal, he isn’t even up to my knees)

Tonight she noted this was her first “farm” critter.  She thinks he is the neatest thing too…I guess “goat love” runs in our veins.

We debated several names, Skipper, Pippin, Frodo none seemed quite right.

Then a friend suggested Eli, Hebrew for “Ascent.”  He leaps and bounds even now and he is only 7 days old.

  • Look at the rooster
  • now look at the incredibly adorable baby goat
  • now look back at the rooster
  • guess which is bigger
  • yep, the rooster wins hands down

It’s a little chilly outside at night so we did this for him in the girls bathroom…we took the bottom of our dog’s doghouse (don’t feel bad you doglovers, she refuses to go in it and cuddles by our fire when the elements are fierce)

lined it with old rugs and beach towels (keeping with our beach theme)

a snug little bed for night time!

In other news we finished the greenhouse today.  My guys ROCK!

Psalm 18:33
He makes my feet like hinds’ feet, And sets me upon my high places.

Thank you Lord, for the wee baby goat.