So we are building a greenhouse. Yep, this one.  With coupons we got it for $599!

10 Ft. x 12 Ft. Greenhouse with 4 Vents

Afterall, if we can grow our own plants from seed, it won’t take many seasons for this puppy to pay for itself.  We will be doing a little beefing up of the structure to make it Rambo Wind Oklahoma strong! ROAR!

And my Dad gave us the money to pay for it…double gift!

Day one:

  • levelled the site
  • built frame out of treated lumber

Day two:

We laid out the pieces and realized we had purchased the greenhouse erector set by mistake!  What WERE we thinking!  Built the base and side walls…about 1/2 way finished… 😀

Day three:

Jacob, Dad and Rinnah built the roof…and with an imminent blizzard heading our way, we decided to pause until warm weather returns!

to be continued…