Whoot…Bessie is featured again on Before and After:


Are those french doors leading to the master bathroom?

Are there windows in said french doors?  Mais Oui!

Those had to go!

And away they went!!!

We put the girls in the master, after all, there are three of them and only two of us!

Remember this…

and this…

Or how about the bunnies?  How could I have forgotten about the bunnies?

The disclosure on the property did say the plumbing in this bathroom needed some work…really?  Wouldn’t have guessed that!

And now………….


Here are the afters, I promise, it is the same room!

Stained glass doors!  Gone!

Panning from the left as you enter the room…the throne!

Can I just pause here and sigh?  Yes?  Sigh.

Keep turning to your right…

(The antique rackets we are going to hang criss cross over the towel rack, we just haven’t done it yet :D)

Look!  A closet!  For towels and sheets and hamper, oh my!

Now we just have a few odds and ends to tidy up around Bessie!

So very thankful.