My husband installed all the tile over this weekend!  Yep, he’s super-wonderful!

Grace and I kilzed the upper part of the wall and trim, to try and hide the wallpaper.  Since we got the zero VOC stuff, we had to do two coats and the blue was still bleeding through…bleh.  But it didn’t smell as bad, so I guess more work and better health are the trade offs.

What does this have to do with anything?  Nothing, but I thought Rose would appreciate it ; )

She picked out a very pale blue paint for the walls, but four foot down will be bead board paneling, if I can find it…head scratching…

(random ugly plumbing before tile)

He also installed the closet door, which he will be trimming out…oh and he will also be trimming out around the door.  He has a plan for a door for the top of closet too, but that is locked inside his mind and I know it will be excellent!

I have been looking for a couple of bookshelves for the girls room, but Wal-Mart is all out of their six foot white ones that I like…hey, they only cost 25.00.  A steal in my mind.

(here’s the shower he installed….whoot)

Perhaps the Wal-Mart in Tulsa has some, I will have to get online and look around!

We put one coat of paint on yesterday, mopped the floor around five times total to remove all the grout dust.

I must say, it is starting to shape up into a lovely bathroom!