We thought we were just going to add a corner shower kit…afterall, we have successfully installed one before…you can do them in a day!

Sterling 38"W x 38"D x 72"H Silver Neo-Angle Corner Shower Kit

But what we decided we might truly like, is a walk in shower.  Which takes more thought, planning and time.

I would like him to build a glass block wall as well! 😀

Bathroom Walk-in Shower Kind of like this, only ours will be smaller.

(This may be cost prohibitive though!)

We can use the existing wall that contains the plumbing, only we will put it on the opposite side, this will allow us to keep the vent in the same place…plus it will allow the least amount of changing of electrical and plumbing for the lights and the sink!

The Mister is willing to try it!  He bought a book on the way home from Preacher’s School, (actually between dropping Grace off and Preacher’s school )  that gives pretty great instructions.  It’s this book:

Working with Tile (Taunton's Build Like a Pro)

We have a dateline…we would like to finish it by Thanksgiving!  That is when Hannah will be bringing a friend home from college for the week!

Okay…scratch all that…the shower unit we thought was going to cost around 670.00, that’s what it said online, was in the store only 350…well, you know us, we went for the chipper chicken…and it is the same exact model that he installed at our Dusty Trail house umpteen years ago…we were pleased with it then, I am sure we will be pleased with it now…

plus, it will be tons faster to install!

So goodbye cool walk in shower!  Hello, good deal!