Well, we are finally going to start finishing the 2nd bathroom…yep…6 of us have been pretty much sharing a bathroom that was the same size as my closet at the old house!

But you know, it hasn’t been a problem at all…we can totally get by with one bathroom.  But we want to finish it all the same…right now it is wasted space.

So today, dear Mr. Undaunted pulled out the old nasty shower, two old sinks and ucky built in cabinet…looks so much better just getting everything out of there.

He will have plumbing to do next and some drywall and sheetrock repair…it will be a little while before I can do anything to really “help.”

But here’s the before:

Truly…the pictures do not do it justice….

Those doors….ack…I had totally forgotten those nasty doors…they had glass…well, part of them did, they were broken also…icky!

We pulled out the carpet last fall and the nasty tub…

and then it became kind of a catch all for all our other projects…and at least the toilet worked!

Ugh…those mirrors, I totally forgot about those mirrors!

I’m still praying for how to finish this bathroom…I have a few ideas floating around in my head…but like day old kefir, it hasn’t congealed yet… 😀