It’s Party Time!! 

 It is time to celebrate what the Lord has done for us!

Thank you Whole Foods!   Thank you Whole Foods!   Thank you Whole Foods!

For anyone new here…we left a heavy mortgage in town to a debt free fixer-upper HUD in the country on 10 acres…from August to December of 2009 we worked, painted, worked, cleaned and worked some more…we moved…

The week of Christmas, in this economy, in winter…the Lord brought us a buyer for our town house with the equity in it totally paying for the country property.  With a little change left over! YAY!

So……let’s hear those new names you have come up with for Bessie!

Remember I first named her because she sat forlorn and unloved on this 10 acre pasture/wooded HUD property…

reminding me of an old milk cow..

improving the cows'

(pic taken from

But now she has been updated, repainted, cleaned, tiled, with a whole new lease on life…the housing of our family!

So….what should it be?  Hortense?  Sammy?

No!  I am just being a goof!  Put on your thinking caps and give me your name and some of your reasoning behind your name!

Make sure and include an e-mail where I can reach you if your name is chosen!

For each entry we will donate $10.00 to Charley and Kate’s dream of bringing these two little cuties home:

Afterall, the Mister and I know a litle bit about dreams and God’s faithfulness…smile…

we both prayed about an amount the Lord would have us donate and we came to the conclusion that no amount would be enough…I mean come on…we are so thankful! 

But we both felt led that we will give them up to $500.00!

So come on, bring those entries on…it costs you nuthin!  But please go to the above site and read about their adventure in  adopting these two sweet little girls in the Ukraine!

In fact…the winner of the naming game will receive:

  • a gift card to…

Pottery Barn Logo

Yep….a gift card to Pottery Barn in the amount of


The first runner up will receive…

  • A handmade piece of jewelry from me…a bracelet and earrings made just for you! 

And the 2nd runner up will receive…

  • a subscription to this magazine:

 Hobby Farm…one of the coolest magazines I have seen in a long time…well, for obvious reasons…it has wonderful tips and information for all things hobby farm…

Have you noticed the theme of your prizes yet?  Yep, farm life!  Afterall our little spread is called Flying Heart Field.


and have fun,

Mr. & Mrs. Thankful and children

(Winner will be chosen by us, not a random drawing…afterall…we gotta like the name!  Entry deadline is June 15th!)

 Transformation Yearlies…