The diy-ing and transformations continue…so welcome back Kimba at


and hellllllo Gina

If you were all truly here, I would cook you some of my favorite chocolate chip hazelnut scones and serve you some hot coffee or hot tea to go with them!

buttermilk scone, with coffee

This is  listing #5 of before and afters at Bessie…and when the tour is done, we will conclude this blog with a renaming party for Bessie…full of giveaways and fun thoughts….it won’t be long now!!!

Here is the old dining room

What’s not to like…the vaulted ceilings, an abundance of windows, 90’s “home sweet home” wallpaper?  Yep…the wallpaper, while cozy, is kind of wrong…and the room…like Goldilocks would say, “Is too small.”

Well….and these little walls with the “stained glass” cut outs…said with much derision…just need to be torn out…guess what, they weren’t load bearing…so out they came…along with the carpet….and the lovely deer posters…

So here it is after, in the same lovely blue…white ceiling, white trim and same oak laminate flooring…

Now the dining table fits! ;0) As Goldie would say, “It’s just right.”

And the side table fits great…we did have the china cabinet here at Christmas time, but Dear Hubby was under the house and he realized the vents weren’t together and we were blocking the main one…now that end of the house stays much warmer, or cooler, as the case may be…

As we continue to turn you will see the fireplace…that used to look like this:

has now been transformed to this:

and this

If you keep turning you will face the kitchen again and this lovely artwork by my friend, Jenni at One Thing…you can visit her Etsy here…she brought me this and I love it!

And here’s the back side of the bar:

(Pardon the vitamix, I made a smoothie for lunch…with yogurt, strawberries and blueberries…also a touch of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon…nummy!)

And the little hallway that leads to the utility and the girl’s room

I love it!