Hey Kimba…it’s been a while since I’ve posted…and this project is the beginning of building Bessie’s skirt…and try to lower our energy usage/bills…

Post image for DIY Day with The Rusted Chain

My dad called his friend and his friend said, “Come on!”

So we called our good friends and asked if we could borrow their flatbed trailer…I know, I know…we’re mooches…

They said, “Come on!”

So we drove to their house off Route 66, a beautiful ranch in the country…and while my husband hitched up the trailer I went inside and snuggled their newest baby…he is the cuddliest, happiest, cutest little guy you would ever want to see…they call him Baby Mac…and it fits!

After getting in some babytime…we were offered the use of their 2nd oldest son…he is a lot of fun to be around and he is a hard worker! Again…I think we should win some kind of award for our “moochiness” like…THE GREATEST MOOCHERS IN MOOCHIDOM!


(mooched from http://trophiesandawards.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/tough-turf-long-live-the-champ/)

We drove north of Edmond…somewhere between Waterloo Rd, I kid you not, and Danforth…we picked up my dad who pointed us back to Waterloo and to this guy’s place….

He has piles and piles of skirting freezer innards and just ripe for the picking…he pointed to several piles…explained the benefits of the different kinds, depending on what we wanted to do with it…and said to have at it!

We said how much would you like for it?  He said, “It’s for-eeee!” 

We said Come On? 

He said…”No, really, I should be paying you for hauling it away, it’s just my scraps.”  Well…one man’s scraps is another man’s propane bill going lower!

(disclaimer…he has done this and other’s have done this and they say it makes a world of difference on the warmth of the floors..Yay!)

We donned work gloves and Mr. I’ll~try~almost~anything~once started circumnavigating the piles…calculating in his head how he could place the most on the 18′ flatbed in one trip…and feel quasi~safe about it…

he mused…

(corner pieces…corner pieces…how cool is that!)

he mulled…(the borrowed son did too!)

we loaded…and tied down…

I froze…

I retreated to the warmth of the truck once we were done..

see…look at my red, cold hands…



Grounded Icebergs of Victor

(again…mooched from http://outdoorphotographermag.com/lowepro/landscape_scenic_gallery.asp?start=176)

toes are a little numb too!

On the way home, we stop at

My wife is a quilter,  

and go in and eat the best burgers and fries in Oklahoma

(yep, you guessed it, mooched again…from http://www.rwc.uc.edu/koehler/rt66icons.html)

we then drive on home and start laying them around Bessie…

  1. to see if we have enough
  2. to at least get a little protection from the wind while Mr. I~will~try~almost~anything~once figures out how he wants to install them

Wow…that looks…that looks…well…it leaves me kind of speechless…

But just wait…it will look mah-velous when the Mister gets through with it!  If we had purchased some insulated skirting from mobile home sites  it would have cost 2400.00 to start with, not including the stuff to install them with…also, they are only 1-2″ thick, where this stuff is 4 inches!

Come on!

Hey…wait a minute….in the comments…if you’re man enough admit how much your energy bill was for last month…I don’t think anyone could beat us!  Ours was close to 600 with electric and propane…so come on…’fess up…and say which part of the country you are from…I’m just curious here!