I must admit that it is still all sinking in…

I am a self-proclaimed muller…I mull funks, I mull joys, I mull homeschooling decisions, I mull relationship problems, I mull…I am a muller…

Main Entry: 1mull
Pronunciation: \ˈməl\
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from mul, mol dust, probably from Middle Dutch; akin to Old English melu meal — more at meal
Date: 15th century

transitive verb 1 : to grind or mix thoroughly : pulverize
2 : to consider at length : ponder —often used with overintransitive verb : meditate, ponder

And it just follows that I would be stuck mulling what the Lord has done over this last year…I am still in shock and I am still sitting in amazement…

He brought us from this:

= large 30 year note

(we got to watch her be built, this was in 2007)

to this:

=HUD property paid in full

He delivered us from this:

(photo taken from http://www.thedigeratilife.com/images/houseonmanbyitulip.jpg)

in the amount of $183,000.oo which over the course of the life of the loan, a 30 year fixed at 5.5%  would have amounted to:

Mortgage Repayment Summary


Monthly Payment



Total of 360 Payments



Total Interest Paid


Dec, 2039

Pay-off Date

LOOK AT THAT!  I’m not trying to bum anyone out…but just look at that…almost 200,000 dollars in interest over that time period…that could have been used in other ways or perhaps even invested….that is what Dave Ramsey calls Opportunity Costs…the loss you take when you spend your money in a different way.

If you saved $5000.00 a year the compounding interest would give you this much at the age of 70…(the following information taken from http://personal.fidelity.com/products/retirement/getstart/ira-center.shtml.cvsr)


Chart showing the hypothetical ending account value before taxes based on $5,000 annual contributions. Start age: 25, end age: 70; total contributions: $230,000; ending account value before taxes:  $1,641,122. Start age: 30, end age: 70; total contributions: $205,000; ending account value before taxes:  $1,148,161. Start age: 35, end age: 70; total contributions: $180,000; ending account value before taxes:  $796,687. Start age: 40, end age: 70; total contributions: $155,000; ending account value before taxes:  $546,091.

opportunity costs…(this is a cool story about a couple that made some radical changes in their lifestyle)

slow economy=lower wages

big house=no money for college for our children

and He brought us to this:

Our debt free journey has been

Well, the truth is we are mortgage and credit card free…we still have one vehicle to pay off!  That’s our next goal…

and it’s strange how weights lift that you didn’t realize were there before…a different freedom comes into the picture and perhaps even a different type of reliance upon our Lord…afterall…it is ALL His money…how does He want us to spend it?

And I notice we are part of a growing trend of Americans that are taking a look around the WORLD and noticing, truly noticing the disparity between the have’s and the have nothing’s and that perhaps it is time to do something about it…past time…

that perhaps as Christians we are called to help the poor…with wisdom…His wisdom.

American Standard Version
Pure religion and undefiled before our God and Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.  James 1:27

and I mull…continue to mull….