“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Ephesians 3:20

Hey there, ya’ll…greetings from the winter wonderland of Oklahoma!

Today our phone was turned on…and after a little fixing by Mr. Undaunted the interior phone lines work!  And….we….have….internet….AND….it’s faster than at the town house….hah,hah….I thought it was going to be so slow!

Later today…snicker snort..yep, it’s after midnight….we get to close on the town house…

hopefully at 10 a.m…..Lord willing…

I am so wound-up and excited that I can’t go to sleep…yet…smile…

So much has happened since our last post…

on the not-so-nice-side:

3 water leaks in the laundry room…the gasket on my washing machine, the drain hose on my freezer and the connection from the water into my washing machine within the wall…all at once mind you….no giggling, Pam!

a snow thaw that allowed me to get mired in over a foot of mud with my Sequoia, which up til now, i thought could handle anything…i was wrong!

 ( Hey, it survived a 13 hour trek to the wilds of salty Dauphin Island…what’s a little mud?)

On the bright side:

three leaks in the laundry room that were easily fixed, which also meant we decided to install a tile floor…seemed wiser since it is easily becoming our “mud” room as well…pics to come soon…I promise!

a stuck Sequoia in over  foot of mud that necessitated an urgent call to my good friend Julie, to find out how to build a dirt driveway that can withstand snow and rain in our fair state…

“Here’s what you do,” she said:  “Order a truck load of 3” rock…let my hubby come over with his “toy” and move it around…

(sniff, sniff…my friends ROCK…literally this time…hah,hah)

…then after it has settled well, bring in some 1-1/2 ” rock and he will come spread it around…and then have them bring out some smaller stuff that fills in all the cracks!”

And that is exactly what we did…that day…did I mention that these friends ROCK!

Here he is in action:


Thank you, Julie…for helping to get me unstuck from my spiritual rut! 

Thank you, Stephen, driving on our driveway is now a SOLID experience!

Here’s the sweet allegory behind this experience…

Stay on the Rock and you won’t get stuck in the mud!