Our latest great news is that our town house has a verbal offer and we are waiting to go sign the paperwork for the house!  The offer came in Thursday while I was out Christmas-ing!!!!  The offer will cover the cost of Bessie!

We are happy!

We believe they have received a good buy as well and I am happy for them!

We are loving living at Bessie and I will post after pictures as soon as I get all our pictures hung…all our boxes are unloaded and most everything has its home!


Thank you, Lord!  Only YOU could sell our home…in…..December!

Thank You, thank You, thank You!

Here is one before and after just to wet your taste for Bessie’s upcoming photos:

the little angel from the burn pile behind the shed…



Isn’t she cute?

I gave her to one of my oldest buddies in the whole wide wonderful world!  We spent Thursday together doing our Christmas shopping…I was behind…I wonder why?

Blessings and cheer!

Merry Christmas!