“I am counting on the LORD; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word. “

Psalm 130:5

It’s the big moving day….and our friends and church family turned out to help!

We attend a small inner-city church, Springs of Grace Bible Church…we are a joy-filled Piper~esque body of believers…the love we have for one another is a sweet, sweet thing….

How many fellows does it take to carry a china hutch?

Almost all of them!

Silly girls taking photos of their reflections!

Silly girls taking a picture of me!

Come on, Jayroo!

Catching a breath!


 After unloading at Bessie…our Pastor asks the blessing…over the food…over our home…praising God and giving Him the glory…

His wife provided the brisket, my mil the veggies and devilled eggs, my friend Pam~ the cookies, 

a wonderful meal that we all heartily fell to:

My good friend, Julie, who was the first to work at Bessie with us on the land…reminded me her awesome husband’s birthday was this day…we sang Happy Birthday:

We gave him his favorite ice cream, a case of dew and a silly t-shirt…a long-timing standing joke!  The problem is, he likes them and wears them…yes…in public!

friends to count on…a Lord to count on….church family to count on…

to His glory!