Buster and Beauregard

 decided to really show some of their bearish skills, they had worked in construction previously…

and went to work

directing the others in the installation of the floorboards!

They felt so good about that work they accompliced, they asked if they could do more..

They spied Mr. Undaunted hard at work, and although their previous evil tendencies would have led them to unplug his tools and hide his pencil,

they denied themselves those pleasures and offered to help instead:

They also tried their hand at Professor Undaunted’s power tools:

“Way to Go!”

“Wheeeeeee…this is beary fun!”

Buster has a request:

“We really would like it if you would give us a new name?”

“Yeah,” said Beauregard, “do you know how difficult it is to break out of bad habits when you call us the Bad Bear Gang?” 

hmmmm….what shall we refer to them as…how about the Brave Bears, since they are turning from their dastardly designs and their wicked ways…

“Yes, we like it!”

The Brave Bears then went on to admire Professor Undaunted’s handiwork…


 girls room

 laundry room

 the kitchen

 the bathroom

“Wow,” said the Brave Bears, “that looks beary nice!”

“And look at this bathroom!”

“Beary lovely!”

“Hey, this mirror is beary sweet!”

“And this light fixture!”

“Say, don’t forget this toilet~flusher~thingie!”

“Yeah, it’s sweeta than honey!”

The Brave Bears decided they liked it here so much, they asked if they might stay.

Surely said The Undaunteds…we will love you and teach you about God…and art…and schoolwork…

but we like to have fun too…take a ride on the ceiling fan that still needs to be changed out:

Whee, this is  beary fun!

And they all lived happily ever after!

Sweet Angel of Mercy says, “Remember, this is a great time to reach out to others in love, in forgiveness, in joy, in gifts…and remember to ask Jesus Christ to help you!”