We started doing some packing and organizing at the incredibly large mortgage town house, here are some of the things we got done today while going on a 2 week sabbatical from school:

  • pick out 10 outfits to live off of, start shuttling the rest to Bessie
  • pack up each child’s school
  • organize beading items from bead show
  • clean misc. drawers around the house, medicine, school, et al.
  • tidied up items in garage that were in the attic and started paring down
  • select some items for white elephants this year
  • select books that need to go to Bibliomania
  • load up Christmas, last gorilla shelf, and clothing in little white trailer
  • pack up sandwich fixings and the like for dinner at Bessie
  • attach said trailer to my truck
  • bounce up and down thereby confirming to the neighborhood that we are utter morons to get the ball into the hitch
  • drive out to Bessie

Who said being a stay at home mom was easy business…I don’t think so!

At Bessie, with a splitting migraine, (just me that is), we do the following:

  • Take all tools, paint, etc. out to waterproofed shed
  • sweep
  • bring in everything from the trailer

(Christmas fun!)

  • put all items away

  • let Rinnah start decorating the tree


  • work on floor trim so we can put down the boards

And this is where a silly post comes into play…

If you remember last year at Christmas time poor little Red Riding Bear ran into a gang of ruffians…you can read about that here…and here….

Which eventually led her here

And while she, cousin Rudy and Grandma Blossom Bear are doing well with Christ residing so closely…said ruffians were apprehended

and sent to reform school!

Baby Bear got the harshest sentence for being the “hatchet” man:

So they put him in the freezer to cool off…snicker…

They were sent to Mr. and Mrs. Undaunted’s Reform School for the Wayward Bear, where they were encouraged to do work programs to help repay the damage they did to Little Red Riding Bear’s home.

Little Angel of Mercy was the first to encourage them in this endeavor!

Little Angel of Mercy said, ” Why don’t you bears come to Christ as your victim, Little Red Riding Bear, did?”

Well…and why not…they little bears did have remorse at their terrible behavior and they did see that Little Red Riding Bear now had the sweetest joy and had even forgiven them their gross injustice!

So they as one, fell to their new assignments with gusto!

Stay tuned for the next episode…Bad Bears Learn Some Mad Renovation Skills!