Hey Kimba!  I have been so busy working out at Bessie that I haven’t been able to post…but I’m bacccckkkkk!

DIY day at A Soft Place to Land

Wow…Hannah and I did more touch up painting…will it ever end?

And she painted the last coat of trim on our MDF baseboards…

aren’t they pretty?

We have to trim the “trim” so the baseboards will fit…I will do that today when we go out there…

Is this sweet or what?

Hannah also painted the last coat on the mirror…it looks great!

Say…where are going to put all these tools and things…we don’t have a garage yet…oh yeah, the place came with two sheds…but they leak…

Mr. Undaunted, Grace and Jacob get to work:

They use leftover pieces of sheet metal to mend the leaky spots:

They unscrewed it from its rotten foundation and we moved it over out of the way…

They then rebuilt the foundation, with some new treated 4 by 8’s I had picked up at the store!!

We did some more…but I have to head out there….more next time!

Okay…I’m back…This is one of the things I did…I put up our “fake” tree so Rinnah will have fun things to do while we are shuttling things out in preparation for our big move!

The wood holder was laying over in the weeds…I used the leftover brown spray paint to try and freshen it up…I think it works for now…

Does this look like a house or what?