I became a living clamp…Mr. Undaunted bought these materials to make our own thresholds…they are much cheaper, but more time consuming…

I had to hold the board on the ladder while he shaped them with this:

Yeah…it was kind of scary…but I have worked on a lot of projects and he has never hurt me…so I shut my eyes and trust him!

They turned out great…in fact he is out there tonight installing them!

Here are some cute accents for the bathroom that I bought at IKEA so many moons ago…these were CHEAP….I should be ashamed how cheap these were!

They mount on the wall, one for kleenex, one for q-tips and one for cotton balls…aren’t they adorable!

Here’s the new kitchen sink installed…it works great…i love it!

and we also did this:

…installed the plexiglass that goes above the sink, so we aren’t looking at bare bulbs…niiiiiiiiiice!

My friend, Pam, came over and helped me paper the kitchen cabinets…now they are sweet and clean…I had already bleach cleaned them all!  We cut the liner and put them in the drawers and shelves!  She also brought her adorable baby…but I forgot to take a photo of him…trust me, he is 23 pounds of grade A lovies! 

She also brought me mint tea and homemade steak enchiladas…I know my friends spoil me…what’s worse?  I let them…what’s worse?  I like it!

And with the vent in the floor, the kitchen is now “done.”

What do you think?

Thanks, Pam!

Here’s a before picture of the kitchen…ewey!

and here…

Lane purchased all of these…new outlets and switches to replace all the mobile ones…he thought it was a good idea, and I agree!

Thank you, Lord, for all the work we are getting done!