Hey gal…


We are getting so close to being finished someone asked for a bulleted list of what we still needed to do…so here is what we did last night:

  • I went over all white door and window trim…again…smile…
  • sanded the wall spot in our bedroom
  • painted the repaired wall in the schoolroom
  • Mr. Undaunted finished the plumbing for the pedestal sink in the little bathroom
  • mud and taped the first layer in the bathroom
  • put more mud on the fix in our bedroom
  • admired a beautiful moon

Here is what we have left before we can move over:

  • lay flooring in little bathroom, clearance tile
  • install lighting in little bathroom
  • sand the bathroom patches and fix all holes
  • paint it
  • install pedestal sink (so cute)
  • install all flooring thresholds
  • install all new electrical outlets and switches
  • touch up paint all walls
  • touch up paint the upper trim throughout
  • measure and purchase new vents for flooring a.c./heat
  • install new mailbox post with cute new numbers
  • install new kitchen sink, disposal
  • install ceiling fan
  • buy 1 more celing fan and install
  • have heating system checked out, it works sometimes and not sometimes…hmmmm
  • small fence for part of backyard for our little King Charles Cavalier
  • purchase a long range electric fence for our big Golden Retriever
  • make the shed waterproof
  • finish filling holes in driveway
  • clean kitchen cabinet interiors and line with shelf paper…wheeee!

We plan on moving over before the big bathroom is finished and then we will be there and have an easier time finishing it up…

That way we can shampoo the town house carpets and clean it really well and it will stay clean while we have it on the market…Do you all know how awful it is to keep it clean all the time with 6 warm bodies living in it?

Ugh!  Nuff said!

Still praying for a buyer for the beautiful town house!