Hey Kimba…


Hey Gina!

Welcome sweet ladies to my little corner of blogdom…with fun and sometimes silly updates about our family’s updating of a HUD property on 10 Acres in Oklahoma…

and our moving towards a debt-free existence…we aren’t there yet, but we are pursuing it wildly…

and I want to add here…that this isn’t a legalistic move to try and “clean” ourselves up or any such hokum like that…we are sinners saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ…and no “works” on our behalf may add to His wonderful finished work on the cross…

that being said…what we are pursuing is the goal of “owing no man anything but the love of Christ.”

Romans 13:8 (New American Standard Bible)

 8Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for (A)he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law.

 So we keep on!

Mr. Undaunted works on new tub plumbing that shares a wall :

the finished plumbing…we test it…no leaks…YAY!

workday 31 and 32 058

We also installed the tub enclosure, but my batteries went dead….sniff, sniff…

A new light fixture from IKEA for the schoolroom…puts out tons of light!  Awesome!

workday 31 and 32 066


 Rinnah, Mr. Undaunted and I put in the girl’s room!

workday 31 and 32 010

Rinnah marks all our cuts with the pencil and square…err…triangle…whatever this thingie is called… (Thanks sil John, my other son…smile…the speed square…right?  It is speedy and it does make it square!)

workday 31 and 32 001

She walks away…I clamp the board down….put on safety spectacles…and make my cut!

workday 31 and 32 003

I am no longer intimidated by the circular saw…well, okay…I still am….

workday 31 and 32 004

I just like the light on the finished floor in the picture!

workday 31 and 32 019

Picturing where a tree might be in December…hmmmm, today in my mailbox was a sweet vintage tree skirt that I won on ebay…I lurve it!

workday 31 and 32 015   workday 31 and 32 017

sigh…here’s another angle of the kitchen…still in progress…the girls did touch up painting in the kitchen and on the trim…will it never end?

workday 31 and 32 021

Here’s the light Hannah picked out for their bathroom, again…IKEA…19.99…that’s my kind of price….honestly this doesn’t put out much light, but there will be lights over both mirrors as well…and there are skylights in here…yep, two of them!

workday 31 and 32 027   workday 31 and 32 030

burn pile growing from all the flooring boxes…

workday 31 and 32 036

a propane trench Mr. Undaunted and son dug today, so we can have propane hooked up on Monday!!!!  They will pressure check all the systems for us to make sure there are no leaks!!!!  This will be the last major system…the a.c. worked, the water works….I hope the hot water, range and heater will work!

workday 31 and 32 043

Jacob and Grace filled holes in the driveway also….but I am pooped! (That’s okie vernacular for tired!)

Good night!