Hey Kimba…



Hey Gina…

It is earlier in the week and Jacob and I hunted all over town for “just the right” gas range…

Grace's canon 002

(there’s the patient young man- picture by Grace with her new camera~I am loving it!)

At a certain electronic store I find it…but they are asking 647.00…I have that much in my budget, but I feel a check that I should keep looking…

9355495 Angle Large

It has 5 burners…count them five…that could be all kinds of handy…

I drive across the way to a major home improvement store…they don’t have the one I want…and their prices are higher…I contemplate going back to store number one…still I feel a check….

File:Blue check.svg

We drive to another major appliance store…for  builders….ewww, way high…maybe store #1 isn’t so bad after all…

I go to our standybye fave where I purchased our dishwasher for a smacking good deal…guess what they have?


9355495 Angle Large

For guess how much? $499.00!

What a screaming good deal!  Faithful son and I buy it and with the change purchase a vent hood and a ever-so-quiet garbage disposal…thank You, Lord!

Thank You for Your nudges…thank You!

Sweet son and I take it to Bessie, back the truck up and somehow get the box onto the front porch…we then remove the box and manuever that puppy into the living room…to be installed another day….

the sun sets, the sun rises, the sun sets, the sun rises…

Another day…

Mr. Undaunted and I convert the lp gas range into a propane gas range by changing out some little do-hickies in the burners…

workday and stuff 049

this wasn’t that difficult…

workday and stuff 047

(this is our propane hook up for our range)

workday and stuff 053

( Mr. Undaunted hooking up the range)

But…then we got to the vent hood….you would think that would be easy wouldn’t you?

workday and stuff 052

It wasn’t….I have named it the “widowmaker”…because we both got so frustrated with that puppy that either of us could have keeled over on the spot…

workday and stuff 055

but victory was finally ours!

workday and stuff 059

(The Mr. extricating himself from behind the range)

Whatchathink?  Loverly!

workday and stuff 064

We didn’t get much else done…this had involved two trips to a hardware store to replace the gas line which had to be shortened…forgive me for glossing over the tedious, boring parts…but hey, that’s what blogs are for!