Hey gals…we’ve slipped into October and workdays 25 and 26…here are our latest DIY projects!


But first, some pictures of day 25’s progress:

the galvanized steel accents…wheeee!

hannah and workday 26 088

Whoot, whoot…whoot!  Thanks John!  Thanks John’s dad!!

hannah and workday 26 090

Hubby pointed out that magnets will stick to them….hmmmm….

We moved this wall: over 4-5 inches so that our fridge would fit in the space allotted to it: (Can you appreciate all the holes my daughter filled in it, that I then sanded, before she painted it?  Trust me…you can’t…unless you own a mobile, or have owned a mobile) 

hannah and workday 26 078

I have learned that mobiles are held together by staples…well…anything that is just “cosmetic” is stapled…and it is the bane of a mobile home buyers life to have to fill all those little staple holes if you paint over the lovely wall paper…thousands of staple holes…thousands…oh allegory time…

“…what can make me whole again…nothing but the blood of Jesus” 

He fills in all the crevices of me, washes me completely, stains me utterly, engulfs completely…sigh…double sigh…He is too marvelous for words!

Then  the girls touch up painted in the den/dining area…

Lane and Grace installed the flooring in the kitchen, these joints they glued just to make them more waterproof!

hannah and workday 26 070


hannah and workday 26 081

We have to put a threshold between the kitchen/dining room so that we won’t be installing the flooring backwards through what is left of the house…which would be a major pain!  A threshold will catch the crumbs, but that is okay…this is the first one we have had to put in…the rest of the house has been seemless…

We brought the fridge over…we removed some front railing on the deck…backed up our little pick up and hoisted that puppy up….

whoops…it won’t fit through the front door…

we have to remove the doors in  order for it to fit…

which it then does….

hannah and workday 26 092

this was our fridge from our “old” house, I had held on to it…it has been in our garage…being well used I might add….but it was dirty…so we cleaned it and put it upright….when you have had a fridge on its side, Mr. Undaunted informs me, you have to let it sit in its upright position for at least 24 hours, to allow the coolant to get back into it proper place…so we didn’t plug it in or hook up the water yet…

But what do you think? 

hannah and workday 26 099

Is this beginning to look like a kitchen or what?

hannah and workday 26 094

We are waiting til dead last to install the new sink we bought and its fixtures…think white, deep and loverly…sigh…

here’s the dishwasher we installed on day 25…we bought it at an appliance sale that my mother-in-law had told me about: (Mr. Undaunted aka Mr. Handyman striketh againeth!)

hannah and workday 26 104

“light at the end of the tunnel…oh yeah…there’ll be light at the end of the tunnel…oh yeah…oh yeah….”

Here’s Jacob’s room they finished the other day…

hannah and workday 26 110

and his closet…wah-lah!

hannah and workday 26 111