What we did today…

  • rose fairly early
  • got moving, tidied the town house in case it ended up being “shown”
  • drove out to Bessie
  • filled some more holes in the wall that was moved
  • painted said wall
  • pulled some staples
  • installed the dishwasher!!!!
  • installed the galvanized steel accents
  • cleaned the countertops and put everything away again
  • left Grace and Mr. Undaunted to install kitchen flooring while Hannah and I went home so she could get ready to have some sr. photos shot at a cool church in Beggs…that we hear has some awesome bricks walls and outbuildings
  • realized we didn’t have a camera to record any of todays “work”
  • ja vel…a blog without pictures is like an ice cream sundae without the cherry on top

But here is an awesome quote I ran across:

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

  Corrie Ten Boom