This is the laundry room, we have to replace the back door, it is all broken and patched up…urm…we still have to buy one first…we are having a hard time making up our minds what kind to put here….

work day 17 with the wilsons 007

this is the other side of the laundry room, where the washer/dryer will be setting up shop!

work day 17 with the wilsons 011

Here is the bathroom we will be sharing with our son…Mr. Undaunted has been working some evenings out here after work…he finished the plumbing this week and last night put two rows of flooring down in the living room…YEAH for him…he is the greatest!

work day 17 with the wilsons 027  Ew!  This is the smaller bathroom near the two bedrooms on the right….the vanity is leaving…so wave goodbye! 


Final coat of patched holes: (This is actually finished…but I have no photo of that…it is painted and lovely!  That huge box in the background is our new tub and surround we need to install soon)

work day 17 with the wilsons 017

the actual “master” bedroom, which the three girls will share until next year when Hannah leaves for college…then we will swap with the two remaining girls!  Both bathrooms are in a high state of disrepair for the moment…the “master” shower is disgusting and doesn’t work and we still need to rip it out…we already tore out the tub, we posted about that here…

  It is hard to believe but that was exactly one month ago tomorrow…wow!  It kind of feels like an eternity ago…smile…

work day 17 with the wilsons 148

look at those cuts…he is the master of detail!  He has installed this “floating” snap together flooring before…he is just thankful you don’t have to “glue” it anymore like the old days…

work day 17 with the wilsons 149

 This weekend is our neighborhood garage sale…so we have been sorting everything in the attic and paring down….paring way down….because not everything will fit and we could use the money for a new stove for Bessie…we will see….