Hey Kimba….I need some help deciding on some of the finishing touches…that will turn this derelict mobile into a cozy little home…

DIY Day @ ASPTLand

Gina (I was soooo tickled to read your post today!)

Last week a few people said I needed larger pictures so you can see what we are doing better…I am all for that…so here is the kitchen/dining/den end of the mobile, on the left…..we are almost done….

Bessie’s simple floorplan:


work day 17 with the wilsons 001  


work day 17 with the wilsons 002


work day 17 with the wilsons 003

panning around to kitchen again (laundry room is through the door in the little hallway)

work day 17 with the wilsons 004

work day 17 with the wilsons 014

the “oak” laminate flooring is going to run throughout…

I am thinking of  putting some galvanized sheet metal on the “kick plate” below the island, living room facing side…it is oak colored in the above photo and I am also thinking of putting sheet metal accents above the kitchen sink…there used to be “pretty” glass windows with gold accents…

what do you think of that idea?  Please let me know…I am in a quandary…

I got the idea for doing sheet metal from here:

I think it works….

Galvanized Metal Chalkboard Cabinet

the marriage of beachy and pasture?