Labor Day weekend…it is all a blur of paint, trash, tidying up and more paint…


 and riding the four-wheeler, the HULK!  What do you think about the grey?

It is in both little hallways and the laundry room…here’s the laundry room before:

laundry room before

Here’s the girls room, before paint…


Here’s Hannah going after it…

hannah paints her room

Mr. Undaunted finally massacres the hood vent that I had failed to extract!


Good riddance to bad rubbage!

Here’s me putting the first coat on the little bathroom…we bought cute glass knobs for both bathrooms: 


Here is the first coat in kitchen, living/dining area:

family paint

Back in my old “anal” days, I would have insisted on doing the painting myself…but those days are long gone…everyone is forced to work  allowed to help!

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this blue…which was the partial salvation for this poor, homely kitchen…


sniff, sniff, I am kind of missing that “homey” wallpaper….

Mr. Undaunted attacked the “holes” as well…there were more than I could count…but I snapped a few photos….what do people do to their walls…

what a travesty…oh, the injustice!

some of the holes