Well, it is Labor Day weekend and that is an apt name for what is going on with us at Bessie…well, there’s a little play as well on the Hulk…

work day 15 and 16 059

(Mr. Undaunted, Mr. Carefree takes daughter for a spin) 

Today I was wondering to Hannah on the way home where the deed of trust could be…because we closed on the 14th of August…and guess what was in the mail when we got home?

Deed of Trust Form

Yep, that makes it official…it is now our little slice of pizza!  To have and to hold…

Slicesfor better and for worse!

I had been having cryptic  thoughts like:

  • what if we don’t “own” it
  • what if there was a glitch
  • how much time have we spent working out here
  • how much money have we invested in the renovations so far

Yet with each cryptic thought, I have laid it on the altar and left it in my Lord’s hands…so now…it is officially ours…kind of…

we still need the Lord to bring the right buyer for our lovely suburban home…the right buyer…at the right price…to bless all of us…

so I refuse to worry…my same Papa who opened all the doors and ushered me through, will not leave me “hanging.” 

kitten hanging from the

 I am confident that He will finish this “work” as well…

and that is where we rest right now…

In God's Hands

Which ties in with a metaphor for you Jenni @ One Thing

that the Lord gave me when we visited Bessie before the closing, but we knew we had won the winning bid…(it is a HUD property)…we were out walking along the wet weather creek with Corrie, trespassing as it were, on my land…yet not my land… and the metaphor came to me:

  • we know we have won it…we just don’t own it yet
  • we anticipate that it is ours…it just isn’t finalized
  • salvation is a free gift through Christ…by faith…yet it won’t be realized til we die and see Him face to face
  • salvation gives me perfection in God’s eyes because of Christ’s finished work…I am not perfect yet

Just think…if I can trust in something as piddly as appropriating a property that the Lord has opened wide the doors on…

The door is wide open!

what about the completion of my salvation…its perfecting…until the Day of His coming…all His promises ARE sure…we are not trespassing on His land…

Above Rubies photos 064

We are just waiting on that final deed of trust.