“But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me.”

Psalm 13:5

We head out to the property…we stop for yummy tea…

yummy tea

the stove…oh where to begin….we move it out,unplug it,disconnect it from the gasline…


it was nasty!


It was sticky…heavy, awkward….GONE!

Lane worked on the water line…would we have leaks…

it did! 

The wheel on the meter was spinning wildly but not much water in the mobile…what’s going on?  We walked the front yard and just “happen” to find the boggy spot where the water was perking up…way to go, Grace!  Lane digs it up…it was a broken off spigot we surmised…he caps it!

Will it hold?


Our 2nd load to the dump…another 30 dollars well spent!  We use the carpet as a free tarp…smart, huh?!?


EEWWWW, again!

After Mr. Undaunted takes the load to the dump…he heads to Lowe’s to buy this sweetie…a cool “MAN” mower, that pleases me because it has a cup holder…hahahah, I know I’m silly that way…

he likes it because it has cruise control, its automatic, and something about the oily oil thingie…


A good ending to a long day!