Friday work day…#6

  • we finished all the ceilings…whee-hah!

work day 5 at Bessie 015   yeah…that is the dirty line…I’m guessin they were smokers…what do you think?

here’s a closer view…work day 5 at Bessie 012 ewwww….

  • Grace sanded all the kitchen cabinets

work day 5 at Bessie 002

  • she started primering, (is that a word) the kitchen cabinets

work day 5 at Bessie 004  well, after I finished the ceiling…

  • we spray painted with metal grey spray paint the hinges..smile…
  • Hannah kilzed all the upper trim and started on the windows after dutifully cleaning them….

work day 5 at Bessie 021   honestly…she really did work!

  • we went to Sherwin Williams and bought wall color…be-yoot-i-ful!
  • we  decided the blue was too robin egg blue and decided on a different one ( I was glad we bought the quart sample-whew!)

work day 5 at Bessie 005  see…too blue…at least the lovely wallpaper will be history…takes you back to the 90’s doesn’t it….Bessie was built in 1993….

That makes her 16…just one year shy of Hannah….

Figure 16 Birthday Cake

  • we love the green!

work day 5 at Bessie 007

  • we decided the grey was way to light and picked a darker one….(whew!  again thankful we bought the quart sample size!)

work day 5 at Bessie 009  too light…