Two of our friend’s children came over to help out:


I am not sure if there was more KILZ on the children or on the ceiling…what do you think?


We also pulled staples…WOW…what fun!  Hah, hah…what troopers, I sure appreciated their help!

colors  yes, these are all the same colors…trying to see if you are still awake…hahahah.

We have decided on a grey blue, sea green, lt. grey…and whitish color for kitchen cabinets and trim…

What do you think we are basing our colors on?

  • a new flavor of ice cream from Braums
  • our latest favorite flavor of bubble gum
  • the colors of the sea

beach day 1 136

If you guessed colors of the sea, you would be correct!  And you win a cookie!

a chocolate-chip cookie