Some good friends of ours met us at the property…

grace pics 058

they brought their tractor and brushhog…

grace pics 040

they brought a chainsaw, and we had ours…

grace pics 032

we mowed, cut down trees, moved branches onto a burn pile…

grace pics 039

had sweet fellowship..

grace pics 020

This family was an answer to prayer at our last church…I desperately wanted what Anne Shirley of Green Gables called a “kindred spirit” and the Lord brought this family.

grace pics 024

(unintentional twinkies, it happens to us all the time)

Over the years they have blessed me mightily…the Lord has used them to teach me about:

  • faithfulness
  • forgiveness
  • humility
  • brokenness
  • friendship
  • loving kindness

She and her husband’s testimony of getting out of debt and God’s provision bolstered what I had experienced of His utter faithfulness…but I didn’t know the Lord would ever lead me down a similar track…

grace pics 063

So they don’t think we are crazy, they are sympatico…and that adds such a sweetness to our fellowship….they understand…

grace pics 047

we are blessed…