this is the road that leads to Flying Heart Field


this is part of the front yard…trees, glorious trees….


Welcome to our front porch…the chainlink will be the first to go!

Have a cup of  iced tea?



Welcome in to the living room!  If you can ignore the pet/old carpet odor, you are doing well!  Perhaps you need this?

Boy with Clothespin On Nose

Wow, a mobile with vaulted ceilings…whoot, whoot!

Yes those lovely stains on the walls are just dirt that show outlines of previous artwork…hmmmm, I wonder what they had hanging in here?


Yowsers, lots of windows!  I love windows…see the front porch out through them!

Another sip of tea might help…

June is National Iced Tea


this is the other view of the living room, Mr. Undaunted is standing at the front door, probably thinking “How did I get myself into this…oh yeah…it was the Dave Ramsey guy…”

Check out those partial walls with the lovely painted glass, it’s gold I might add…and the carpet…the burgundy carpet that looks so much nicer in the pictures than it ever could in real life…of course you are missing all the sensory clues…like odor!

Thanks, Mr. Clothespin!

The next room where faithful children are will be the school room, once we knockout those built-ins…nuff said, other than the mirror on the wall of the built in is only held in place by the frame that is, mercifully, not glued but stapled in place…I know cuz I touched one of them and it fell off…heh,heh…..

We are supposed to close perhaps the middle of this month, but I am still hoping it will be sooner…Papa knows best!