No…this blog is not about a baby named Bessie and how she learns to walk…

it is about our family’s learning to walk out of debt further up and further in to this crazy thing I call “dependence on the Lord.”

It all started here…while attending a Dave Ramsey financial peace class….

and in a two week span we went from not even thinking of leaving our 3000 square foot home, to a move into a 1900 square foot mobile, decrepit, I might add, on 10 acres in the country, but that is just what happened…and it makes me smile!

Then there was this

which then led to sidetrack of  this

which introduced the name to our farm…flying heart field…do you love it?  Here is the defintion for field:

Main Entry: field
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: open land that can be cultivated
Synonyms: acreage, cropland, enclosure, farmland, garden, glebe, grassland, green, ground, lea, mead, meadow, moorland, pasture, patch, plot, ranchland, range, terrain, territory, tillage, tract, vineyard

(Knowing my brain, think physical and spiritual…not only is the land healthy for a garden and orchard…but let our hearts be even more so…tillable, fruitful.)

Which then continued on to here…..and here

and eventually here!

For just a little while…but then…ta-dah!

With only a  small peek at what was ahead, here

So this blog will be the ongoing posts about this property, its improvements…our walk through this…the good, the bad…the ugly…

Why is the double wide named Bessie?  It just reminds me of a old, worn out milk cow standing in her field, chewing her cud…unloved, neglected….

but not anymore.

Since it’s summer, please feel free to curl up with a glass of ice tea and enjoy our hard work! 

June is National Iced Tea

 May our craziness bless you in some way I cannot possibly understand…smile…